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Girl receiving A+ grade graphicThis unique software enables a user (e.g., teacher, psychologist, speech/language pathologist, parent) to create, distribute, and grade customized tests, exams, and quizzes with automatic ASL graphic and video translations. The English-to-ASL translation capabilities of this assistive technology includes a lexicon of over 30,000 English words, phrases, idioms, numbers, and symbols. ASL translations are represented as both pictures and video clips.

Special features:

  1. Boy pondering test graphicDevelop quizzes using six different question templates: multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank with options provided, fill in the blank with open answers, essay, and short answer.
  2. Use translation flexibility options:
    • Select signs when there are more than one option;

    • Hide signs (e.g., to conform with ASL grammar or if a sign conveys an answer);

    • Fingerspell a word (e.g., if a sign conveys an answer or if there is no sign for the word);

    • Use a concept graphic (coming soon);

    • Play video clips that reflect your sign selections; or

    • Put in your own ASL translation video.

  3. Search and retrieve your and your colleagues’ Banks of previously developed quizzes and questions to improve your efficiency.
  4. Establish rosters of students and assign individual quizzes to those rosters.
  5. Establish rosters of other colleagues with whom you can create and share quizzes and questions.
  6. Have quizzes available to students at prescribed times and durations.
  7. Retrieve completed quizzes with automatic scoring of some question types (e.g., true/false, multiple choice).
  8. Issue grades and corrected quizzes to students.
  9. Generate statistical reports of student performance and quiz results.