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This game challenges you to spell the English words for videos of signs. You can choose any word category to play, including All of the words in the SpellWell database. The game targets an elementary school-level vocabulary and lets you know how many letters each answer has. You get three chances to guess. If you guess right, the game piece moves ahead the same number of letters as the word. See what happens if you land on one of the special squares! If you can't guess the word within three tries, the game will reveal the answer and move onto the next word. Get to the end of the gameboard to see an animation!

For the category, "Your Lists," you can create lists and type in any words or their derivatives in the myASLTech database. (You will be prompted if we do not have the word.) When the you play this category, the game will randomly present the words. Make sure you add enough words to your list to make it challenging!

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