The following is a list of some common issues that customers encounter installing or using our software and quick ways to handle each. If you are looking for the answer to a question which is not on this list, then give us a call (301) 942-4326 or drop us an email idrt@idrt.com. Our technical staff will try to resolve the issue and will contact you with a fix. 

Question: I am unable to install the software, or the software installs but will not work.

Some of our software requires

Question: Software is working but videos won't play.

First, make sure that the video will play outside of the program. To do this, try browsing the folder where you have installed the program, generally in the Program Files folder (or any other installation folder which you would have chosen during installation). You will find all videos there. Try playing one. If you are unable to play videos outside the program, then a probable cause is your computer. Make sure that your computer has Windows Media 10 or later installed. If you are able to play videos outside the software, then reinstall the software with Administrator Privileges and make sure that your computer has at least 512 MB of RAM and the color settings in the display card are at least 256.

Question: The software is playing upside down.

This is a hardware feature gone wrong. Try pressing "Ctrl"+"Alt"+"UpArrowKey" all at the same time. It should bring up the screen to its normal position. If this doesn't help, try lowering the screen resolution. You can find that option by right clicking on any empty space on Destop. Once resolution is lowered, try software again and if it upside down then press "Ctrl"+"Alt"+"UpArrowKey".

If this doesn't help, then try uninstalling the software and then pressing "Ctrl"+"Alt"+"UpArrowKey" all together. This should bring the screen back in normal position. After that, just install the software with administrator privileges.

Question: Software works correctly but I am unable to print any thing from it.

First, make sure that your printer is working by printing a page outside the software. You could use any other program, like MS Word or Excel, through which you have done printing previously. If you are unable to print, then the issue is with your printer. But, if you can print outside the software but not through the software, then try reinstalling the software with Administrator Privileges.

myTTY related questions

Question: What do I need to use myTTY?

You need (1) a PC computer running Windows 2000 or later, (2) a voice modem, (3) an analog telephone line, (4) myTTY 3.0 software.

Question: Can I use myTTY on Apple Macintosh?

myTTY is not yet ported to Apple Macintosh but there is a way around it. We do not recommend using myTTY on Macintosh, but if you have to use myTTY 3.0 on a Mac, please do let us know before your purchase.

Question Can I use myTTY on my local area network?

Yes, you can. myTTY 3.0 comes in two versions - a standalone version designed to be used with a single computer and a LAN version optimized to work over a local area network. If you are planning to use myTTY 3.0 in a LAN setting, make sure that you chose LAN myTTY.

Question: I have a digital telephone line, would myTTY work with that?

Yes, provided that the digital phone system has an analog connection available (data port).

Question: What is a TAPI compliant voice modem and how should I make sure that I have the right voice modem installed?

Just like sending email requires a data modem installed, sending and receiving sound (e.g., TTY tones) through computer requires a voice modem installed. Also, we use Microsoft Windows TAPI software to control the telephone line for voice features; therefore, myTTY 3.0 expects a TAPI-compliant voice modem installed. myTTY 3.0 has a built-in check for voice modem compatibility and will let you know if you don

Question: myTTY 3.0 isn

Since many software packages do not use voice modem features, it is natural not to discover that your modem only works great with data, but not with voice, communication. Check whether your voice modem is properly installed to handle voice communication. First, check whether your voice modem is properly install. Also, changes from one Windows operating system to another can result in modem incompatibility. Refer to your modem's user instructional manual for information about Windows compatibility.

Question: Okay, I have myTTY 3.0; how should I proceed with installation?

myTTY 3.0 comes with a detailed user's instruction manual with sections on installing and using myTTY 3.0. Please go through it, and you would find that installing and using myTTY is easy and intuitive.

Question: Do I need a dedicated telephone line for myTTY 3.0?


Question: myTTY 3.0 is showing a no modem found error.

After loading myTTY 3.0, the software checks whether there is a compatible voice modem installed. If it doesn

Question: What kind of voice modem should I buy?

Any good quality TAPI-compliant voice modem will do. The following are few suggestions:
- MultiTech MultiModem Model MT5634ZPX